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Blood Test

Health MOT

This standalone one-to-one session and report is designed to provide you with a comprehensive review of your current health, based on a blood sample and dietary analysis, and is carefully tailored to align with your symptoms and goals.

Everything is really important, until you get sick...

...Then you realise there was only ever one thing that was really important. Your health. The Health MOT is a way to take ownership of your health.


Each and every single function in the human body, from the production and functioning of hormones to healthy digestion and assimilation, depends on optimal levels of nutrients. Yet there are many ways in which we continue to 'take' from our own bank of nutrients. These deficiencies are then expressed as symptoms or expressions of disease. 


The Health MOT report will highlight any nutrient deficiencies in your diet as seen in a comprehensive dietary analysis and blood test as well as identifies what factors might be 'taking' from your bank of nutrients.

What's included?

- A health and lifestyle blood test highlighting your health status relating to cholesterol, kidney, heart, liver, inflammation, fatigue, active B12 and vitamin D.

- A full dietary analysis and report with practical and sustainable recommendations to reach your personal target nutrient status. 

- A 60 minute session to talk you through your report.

- A supplement review and recommendations including a 10% discount on all supplements.


Health MOT

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