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The interaction of food systems with human systems is incredibly complex. Adding to this complexity, the various food groups, nutrients, dietary patterns and combinations and their interactions with environmental variables, polypharmacy, multimorbidity and individual genes, means that there is no one size fits all magic diet or approach to health. My approach to healthcare is personalised, addressing the individual as a whole rather than an isolated set of symptoms.

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Root cause

I use the functional medicine model to assess your health. This means seeking to identify interactions between different systems in the body through comprehensive case history taking, your presenting signs and symptoms and on occasion functional laboratory testing. The goal is to identify and address the triggers and underlying causes of your health problems rather than simply focusing on symptoms.


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Professionally guided

At the centre of clinical decision-making, is the necessity to choose the best treatment for you as an individual.  I review the scientific evidence on what intervention is appropriate for you, how it will integrate with your existing biological functions, why it is the best solution, and in what circumstance is the treatment best used. The foundation of my approach is evidence-based research combined with my evidence from my own critical and reflective experiences in clinic.

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